Sitting here in Reading where there is no snow, not even ice on the roads, it’s hard to comprehend what’s happening in the rest of the country!!

I’ve spoken to Mike and Tony, who are due to put the course out tomorrow, and both of them are snowed in. The school phoned me this morning to say that they are closed as the council won’t clear the roads leading to them. There is a small hump in the road that is apparently covered in ice and nothing can get in or out. Obviously the school grounds where we park the cars are covered in snow and the caretaker is one man and a shovel.

Looking ahead, Saturday and Sunday are looking fine. The problem is that the forecast temperatures up until Friday night do not get above freezing, so the likelyhood of all the snow and ice will melt is minimal.

We are making a final decision tomorrow, but at the moment it doesn’t look good.

Check back for more updates.