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Rider Times

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold conditions and joined us at the Nottingham Ride It! event. You can download your ride times using the links below -

Saturday MTB Rider Times

Sunday Sportive Rider Times

Update 1/11/12

Well, that was a nicer day than I was expecting!!! It was a bit cloudy but stayed dry and the sun even tried to show it’s face towards the end.

I went out to put up most of the Short road route today and there are some lovely sections, especially through the tree lined roads through Clumber Park.

The boys are putting out the MTB tomorrow so I’ll let you know how they got on. It’s been raining so expect some mud! Saying that, quite a lot of the route is on good surfaces so it might be wet but it should be ride-able :-)



There are a few spaces in the centre and a few more behind, once these are full then we have a huge field next door. This has been used for a fair a couple of weeks ago so the centre is a bit churned up. The edges are fine though so please drive and park around these. I will be standing on the corner directing you into the field so please be expecting me and do not turn up the road towards the event centre if you see me. THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to note is you MUST NOT PARK on the road directly outside the event centre or in front of the houses just past it. The home owners will get pretty annoyed and probably come out and confront you!!




MTB ride.

There is another ride in the area on Sunday. They will be putting up their signs on Saturday and unfortunately there are the same colour as ours although a different design. Please make sure you get to know the design of our signs and do not follow any other signs that you see out there!

It’s not a race! Please give way to other trail users, walkers, horse riders etc. If you come across a Horse, please let the rider know you are there in plenty of time and follow their instructions. Remember, if you spook the horse it might hurt you or other people and you are responsible for you actions and the consequences!!



The only things to mention on the road ride is that there is a ford towards the start which was in full flow today and also a small road closure where they are repairing a waste pipe. At both of these points there are footpaths to by-pass them, so please walk your bike.


This is not a race!! Please obey the highway code, stop at junctions and only ride two abreast where it is safe to do so – not on main roads or winding country lanes where cars travelling at speed will not be able to see you and stop!!!! If you cause and accident, you are responsible for the consequences and any costs.


Maps – I will post up maps for both days by tomorrow night. These are for info only and you will get a hard copy at registration.

MTB map can be viewed here ( Provisional until tonight)

Sportive map can be viewed here

GPX files – everyone who has pre-entered will have received a pre-event mail that has links to the GPX files and a guide to show you have to view them interactively. If you have not received this by 7pm tonight please check your junk folder or any other email addresses you might have used in the past. If it’s still not there, email and I’ll check your entry and send the link. If you have not pre-entered then you can down load the files from our computers in the morning, please don’t email me asking for them

See you all there!