Hi All.

Before I start – Parking. We have secured the use of the fairground field to park cars this weekend – which we’ve had to do due to the large number of riders expected to attend! Access to the field will be off the main road and will be staffed when the centre carpark is full. There is a small kerb to mount and when you are on the field please drive sensibly and slowly as we don’t want to damage the surface. There is an opening near the centre at the top right of the field.


Nottingham this weekend and the first of our winter distances on the Sportive. Due to the change in the clocks and lack of light after 4pm we reduce the distances from 15.30,60,90 format to 15,30,50,70miles. As always these are rough distances and the actual distances this weekend are Fun 12miles, Short 35miles, Medium, 50miles and the Long coming in at 69miles. The routes are actually pretty flat with Nottingham being a 1 out of 4 for climbing, so it should be a fast ride!

Drink stations – there are two out there, the first one is on the medium route just before the Long ride split and will have SIS drink, water and limited bars available. The second is in Clumber Park and everyone except the Fun route sees this one which also has additional cake and flapjack, Please pull your bikes off the road when you stop at this one (there is plenty of room)as the road, despite it’s tranquil setting. is actually a 60mph limit.

Splits – Fun is very soon after the start, Short is just past the Ford, Medium has no splits, Long is just after the first drink station before Loxton. These are signed.

MTB ride.

Taking in some pretty trails through Sherwood Forest, this is one of the easiest rides we do. It’s a 1 out of 4 as per the Sportive and is mainly on good, solid surfaces. That’s not to say that there isn’t going to be sections of mud as it has been a bit damp up here! If you have time, the Sherwood Visitor centre has everything you need to know about Robin Hood and a cafe – but please note that we take the course down after the last rider so don’t dwaddle as you might find the arrows removed!

As the route is so flat and fast the Long route has been staretched out to 36miles with the medium and short being 26 and 16 miles respectively.

GPX files

MTB Short

MTB Medium

MTB Long

Sportive Short

Sportive Medium

Sportive Long