Rider Times

Well done to everyone who came along to complete one our Peak District rides. The event is one of the toughest in our Ride It! event series and this year the going wasn’t made easier by the weather conditions.

Saturday’s mountain bike ride managed to avoid any serious rain but there was plenty of wind to add a bit of extra resistance for the riders. Despite this we still saw some pretty impressive times but have yet to hear of anyone making it all the way up Jacob’s Ladder without dabbing a foot down at some point.

Peaks MTB Rider Times

We arrived at the event centre on Sunday morning in some torrential rain and it didn’t look too promising for the early starters on the sportive ride. Luckily the weather did seem to improve and whilst I’m sure everyone got at least a shower or two they never seemed to be enough to get you completly soaked.

The long route on Sunday’s road sportive has the most vertical ascent per mile of any event we do so although the long route was only 74 miles rather than the usual 90 I don’t think anyone was complaining about that by the time they got back. I had a chance to ride the full route as the course sweepeer and was surprised by just how tough the long loop was and the head wind on Snake Pass was almost enough to reduce you to walking pace as you came over the top to begin the descent.

Peaks Road Sportive Rider Times

Excel Results

One of the most common queries I get after the results are published is ‘Can I have them in Excel?’ and the short answer is ‘no’.

We know most people just want them for general interest to see how they compare and we can completly understand that. However, for insurance and legal reasons we try hard to ensure that our events are in no way seen as races or as having any competitive element. One way we do this is by only providing results that can’t easily be ranked and it’s for the same reason that we don’t normally provide number boards for bikes or set gold, silver and bronze time targets.

Part of the appeal of the rides for many is seeing how long it takes you to complete the course, we totally get that and that’s why we time you but that’s a personal challenge and not a competition against other riders.

Rider Photographs

Whilst we are waiting for Mark to drive home and sort out the times, there was a photographer out on the MTB ride on Sunday so have a look to see if you were caught in full Gurn.

Peaks Pics

Sorry, no Sportive pics as her camera got a bit soggy on Saturday.


Latest Update 21/6

What a day that was!! After stopping off on the way up to ride Mow Cop in the sunshine yesterday I woke up this morning ready to set out the Short route in the glorious Peaks. It was windy. Then it rained. Right up until the point I finished my ride, when the sun came out. I’m now sitting outside in a T-shirt by our camping pod with my bike clothing hanging over the fence to dry! It’s a bit of a shame really as the ride and views are pretty spectacular around here and the low cloud and drizzle kinda spoilt it. The good news is that Sunday is supposed to be OK as far as the weather goes, so come along for the views :-) Here’s what to expect:-

MTB on Saturday. I love riding around here. Yes there is a lot of climbing and, on some hills, perhaps a bit of pushing, but to me that’s real mountain biking. It doesn’t matter how you get up as long as the bike gets there too. The rewards? Well some stunning scenery and fantastic descents  more than make up for the effort and leave you with a big smile :-) We have two routes out there on Saturday, a short and medium, these being long enough for the average rider. The medium takes you over the top and down Jaccobs Ladder and then up to ride Rushup Edge, both classics. The short ( and the medium) ride up the cobbles ( a great challenge!) near Kinder reservoir and onto some great singletrack over Middle Moor.

Sportive on Sunday. A toughie. As one of only 2 grade 4 rides in the calendar it always was going to be. The hardest bit of the ride for those that are doing it, is the long section which, thankfully, comes right near the start with the split being about 2 miles in. This is a roller coaster of climbs and descents for about 20 odd miles until you rejoin the medium route to continue the ride. Medium and Short riders, don’t think it’s all plain sailing. There’s some long climbs towards the start but as the ride progresses these get less and easier until you reach your first drink station. From here the short descends along Rushup Edge for about 4.5km and with a following wind you can really get some mph :-) Just look out for the right turn!! Another gradual climb and it’s all over bar the 45mph hill and final run into base. The Medium and Long routes take a right shortly after the drink station and a small climb brings you to the top of Mam Tor. From here it’s down………….and then along the Edale Valley. The last real climb is that of Snakes pass, which winds up and up for 8miles. Now it’s not really steep, it just keeps going and going until you reach the top and (Hopefully) a great view of where you are going next, about 4 miles and 1000ft below. Careful on the corners as you’ll be getting some speed up and perhaps overtaking the odd car or two……

Our fate now lies with the weather gods, so lets all cross our fingers that the weekend is going to be dry.

Car parking

When you enter the school there is a bit of parking on the left. If this is full drive straight on and around the back for more spaces. Keep on driving and filling spaces until there are no more and you come back to the road, where you can park sensibly.


These rides are not races. Please follow the highway/countryside code. Give way to other road/trail users and be polite. Roadies, do not ride two abreast where it is not safe to do so and keep your speed down and bike under control into blind corners. MTB riders, there are a lot of HORSE RIDERS in the area. Please slow down and STOP when you meet a horse, follow the instructions of the rider. Remember, you have complete (ish) control of your bike, they won’t have control of a spooked tonne of  horse which can injure you/them/the horse. Think of it this way, you pass the horse once, they get passed 400 times. YOU are responsible for your actions and their consequences, if you cause an accident then you are liable for the costs.

GPX files

A pre-event mail will be going out shortly to all those riders who pre-entered ( and supplied an e-mail ( if you didn’t get the mail, try your junk folder)) and in it is a link to the GPX files. If you are entering on the day then the GPX files can be downloaded from our computers at registration.

Road bike for sale

Mike’s Pinnacle Aeos Ltd is now up for grabs. Mike has looked after this 2010 bike which he has used to set out and pick up courses. For his own comfort he changed the saddle and post, so these are in new condition. The chainset was too low for him so he put one of his own on, which means the one on it is nearly new. The wheels were changed recently so there’s a good set of Mavics on it and finally the forks were changed for a new set of carbon ones two rides ago. Cons, well there are a few minor paint chips and a bit of flaking where the rear stays meet the chain stays ( but these have been touched up) and that’s about it. The bike was about £1500 new and we are asking for £350 ono. SIze is XL and would suit someone about 6ft give or take a couple of inches. A pic of the bike from our site can be found here and the bike will be at the venue at the weekend.



Update 20/6


We are gearing up for the Peaks Ride It this weekend. It’s one of the toughest in the calendar, being one of only two grade 4 events that we run. With this in mind we don’t have a “Long” ride on the MTB as 25miles and 5000ft of climbing is plenty enough to be going on with :-) It’s in great scenery though and includes the fantastic descent down Jacob’s Ladder.

The Sportive on Sunday is equally as tough and shorter than 90miles ( about 78) but don’t let this put you off, you’ll know you’ve been on a bike by the end! Again, some classic climbs and descents in the beautiful Peaks National Park will make this a great day in the saddle.

Keep an eye on the blog for further details and updates.