I popped out on the sportive on Sunday fro half an hour to take some pic. These were with varying degrees of success!! The few that I did take can be found here  Reading 12  If you saw me towards the end but are not there, sorry I missed you.




Rider Times

It looks like we got a bit lucky with the weather this weekend and after rain for much of last week we managed to hit a dry spell for the Ride It Reading mountain bike and sportive rides. The sun even came out on Saturday afternoon and it almost started to feel like summer for a few hours.

The recent went weather made for some tough going on the mountain bike course, most riders found it hard work based on the comments we receive at the finish. To make you all feel a bit better it looks like we mis-measured it so the long course was probably a mile or two longer than advertised which may have something to do with why people said it felt long.

The road sportive for the Reading sportive is quite a tough course too with plenty of hills to challenge riders, the long riders had it especially tough with the climb of Streatley Hill coming in the first 10 miles giving  little chance to fully warm up before being faced with a climb that has featured as a KOM stage in the Tour of Britain in previous years.

You can download rider times using the links below, any amendment requests can be submitted to the e-mail address at the top of the results.

MTB Rider Times

Road Sportive Rider Times

Update #4

Due to the loss of our parking field I am going to close this event to on the day entries. This is because we are going to have to park in the local lanes and I don’t want to cause havoc with the locals. The other issue is that all this parking is on the other side of a busy road so now everyone will have to cross this to get to the event centre so I want to minimise this. Really sorry – blame the great english weather!!

Address. The address on the site is correct, however the event centre is actually in Whitchurch Hill so please find somewhere considerate to park around the village and walk over. Remember, it’s early in the morning so please BE QUIET when you are unloading your car.

 Update #3

The boys came back from the MTB route today and it’s not as bad as we thought. Yes it’s wet and muddy, but not a complete bog :-)

I have made a guide to repairing a torn tyre if you are out on the course, it can be found here  I don’t need picking up as I can get myself home
Right – onto today!!

Do you really need me to tell you about the weather? Well it was a tad wet out there today, not pouring, just constant. The forecast is for a better weekend though, so cross fingers.  My biggest tip for the day is to bring a puncture repair kit! All the rain has washed little stones into the road and there’s a bit of flint around. I was merrily cycling along, thinking about how I haven’t had a flat for a long time and how we, as a team, don’t get punctures even when there are lots on a ride, when “bang hiss” and I’m standing be the side of the road with a tear in a brand new tyre!! I will post a “Deans guide to getting home” to show you how I carried on with the ride and got home. We can come and pick you up but bear in mind that it could take upto an hour and it might be raining so best to be prepared!!

For those on the long loop, I have put in Streatley Hill for a challenge :-) It’s a local favourite and has appeared in many professional races in the past. The good news is that it’s fairly near the start so you’ll be fresh when you tackle it……

We haven’t put the MTB out yet but some friends who rode it last night said that it was preeeettty muddy!! There’s miles of lovely single track so let’s hope it all dries out for Saturday. We’ll have the chilli ready for when you get back :-)

Update #2

GPX files are now on line for all you pre-entered riders. If you haven’t got your email yet, please check your junk folder or any other email address you might have used when booking.

Osprey will be there on Saturday – go and have a word with Liz and get yourself entered into a random draw to win a Rucsack.

All you roadies are automatically entered into a draw for a Garmin 200.



Update #1

Sorry for the late appearance of this post, long hours last week and then the long bank holiday have meant it’s all been a bit odd this week.

Firstly – Parking. It’s raining in Reading and will be until the weekend!! This has meant that the field we use for parking has not been and won’t be, mown. SO we have no official parking for the weekend. This is not too much of a problem as the numbers are a bit down on last year so we should be able to park in the lanes around Goring Heath.

This does throw up a few other issues though. The village hall is on a main road with a bend before it, and now all the parking is on the other side. So please take care when you cross and DO NOT hang about in the road. Secondly, when you arrive on site you will probably come up the hill and approach the village hall on the left, please carry on past the hall and take the second right, finding places to park in the imediate area. I might put up a Parking sign to direct you to more imediate parking by the village green.  Please DO NOT try and do a u-turn by the village hall as this will be dangerous to the event.

I’ll post up other bits as the event approaches.