I’ve been out for a quick drive around the Redbridge route at the weekend and I have to say, I had a really pleasant trip!!

After leaving the event centre there is a short ( 400mtr) stretch of dual carriageway and a right turn. You are then in the counryside for the next 55 miles !! I spent most of this time loooking for a village shop to stop and get a drink from, but there really wasn’t anywhere in the whole of the route, quite an achievment for an event that starts within the M25. The roads are in great condition to with only a few short sections being in winter conditions and a little gravelly, so there shouldn’t be too many punctures out there. Here’s a pic of part of the route, sorry it’s a bit boring but I was in a van on my own so there wasn’t much opportunity for a cycling shot :-)

The grading of this route is a 2 out of 4 on our scale so there aren’t any hills to speak of, but that also means that you will be pedaling constantly so you’ll get a good work out!

If you’re not tired when you get back, there’s always the opportunity to do a few laps of the Redbridge Centres private road track, on your own bike or one of the many demo bikes from the manufacturers displaying at the show. They stretch your legs whilst looking around the rest of the stands and grabbing a bite to eat.

See you there