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Post Event Round Up

What a great weekend! Dean is right, if you missed this weekend, you missed out on some top cycling turf and sunshine.  The slight route changes from last year meant that the down hills were pretty awesome and we kept it fresh with a few challenging sections on the MTB ride. We are eager to get your rider times published, so that you can compare how you did, however we want to make sure we get it right. Our team is currently beavering away and we will post rider times here and on the website by tomorrow.

Just a quick note that someone, I’m guessing a member of the public, change a sign around at the beginning of the route. This caused a few of you to get lost and as soon as we were informed, we rode out and corrected the route.Taking a sign down is bad enough, changing the route arrow ( that has a charity logo on it ( we make a small donation from your entry fee)) is just malicious.

Do not dispair, if you missed this RideIt! Join us for RideIt! Lake District extravaganza. Camping, Mountain bike riding and Road Sportive riding in the stunning Lake District National Park.  Enter online now and save £2.50. A donation from all entrants goes to LLR, Leukemia and Lymphoma Research. Remember if you do not have a bike you can hire one from us! Reserve your hire bike today.

Reading Rider times coming soon.

Information about the Ride

RideIt! Reading reveals some hidden treasures. With insider knowledge of the area our event manager is on home turf and has combined some winning cycle routes for this RideIt! An area that sees the mighty Thames River skim its borders, the cycling terrain is refreshingly varied for the geography. 

We offer you 2 days of cycling enjoyment to choose from with Mountain Bike riding on the Saturday and Road Sportive on Sunday. RideIt! is for anyone who wants to get out on your bike and have a great day’s ride.

The Mountain Bike Ride 30th July 2011  
Route options available at this venue:

Short – 15 miles
Medium – 25 miles
Long – 30 miles

The Road Sportive 31st  July 2011

Route options available at this venue:

Fun – 12 miles
Short – 30 miles
Medium – 60 miles
Long – 90 miles 

Last Minute Updates

Myself, Mike and Tony have been out in the sunshine today putting out the road ride, makes a change from the soaking we got in the Cotswolds two weeks ago! The weather is looking good for the weekend, cue thunderstorms, so hopefully you can enjoy the day too :-)

We’ve changed the road route significantly for this year and taken out most of the small lanes at the start, so hopefully there will be slightly less punctures this year. The roads are in pretty good condition, but there are a few areas that have gravel on them, so please pay attention and take a spare tube.It’s still a great ride, with great scenery, haystacks and some amazing houses zipping past as you pound the peddles. Long Route IMPORTANT. The long ride splits off early on into the ride and this year we are being kind by bringing you DOWN Streatly Hill. We will be enforcing a strict 9,45am last start time for the Long route so please arrive early.

It’s not a race

Please don’t treat it as one. Roadies, please don’t cycle two abreast unless it is safe to do so, pull in to allow cars past and keep your speed down on those descents and country lanes. Remember, you don’t know what’s around the corner. Mountain Bikers, please give way to walkers and follow the instructions from horse riders, only passing when told to do so. Same as the roadies, keep your speed in check if you can’t see around the corner as it might be a ton of horse! Remember – you are responsible for your own actions and the consequences. 


We have a whole field to park in so please follow the parking signs and don’t try and park anywhere else.


Pre-registration will be in the parking field, please go to the green marquee.  There are loos in the start area.

On-the-day registration, please make your way to the Village hall, you can use the loos here.



We are all geared up and looking forward to this weekend’s RideIt! Pre-entries have now closed however you can turn up on the day (on the day surcharge £2.50). Why not see who else is attending on Facebook? Click herefor Pre-Ride details for the weekend.

Routes and GPX

Here’s the GPX files for the weekend. The MTB routes are provisional until tomorrow night but I can’t see there being any problems.

MTB Short

MTB Medium

MTB Long

SPortive Short

Sportive Medium

Sportive Long

Hosted on Trailzilla, you’ll have to sign in but it’s free.

Having problems? Try running the routes through as this can sort out issues. Garmin 800? Follow the guide here.

These will be on the RideIt! website at 8.00pm Friday night.