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We took some pics over the weekend and will put them on our flickr account over the next day or two.

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Sunday update

Hi. Roads are suprisingly good. so all go for the event. As below. the planned Long loop[ is still out but it you really want the extra miles then we have signed the Medium loop for you to do twice. It’s hopefully going to be a stunning day and I’ve been driving over the hills with millions of twinkling lights stretching out to the horizon……… let’s hope it holds!!




Just wanted to update anyone coming along to the Sportive tomorrow. Looking at the weather forecast for Sunday it looks like we are going to have some bad weather from about midday. With this is mind we have closed the long route due to it’s remoteness as we don’t want riders our our staff to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere. If the weather holds and those signed up for the long want to do extra, then there will be the oppourtuninty to do a loop twice to get the miles in. We have also made a few other alterations to the route to cut out potential issues.

I will be out tomorrow early morning and will try and update this blog.






Well, that was a bit of a mixed day! As per usual I got to put out the Long route on the sportive today, which came with the two steepest climbs of the day :-) It’s a bit chilly here ( but still shorts weather ) so I had a t-shirt, Gore windstopper and light weight waterproof on as I set out from Todmorden. It’s a couple of miles gentle uphill from here before a right and under a bridge to the start of the Shore Road climb, This is a long, steep climb but it’s not as bad as it seems, there’s nothing over 25% and there are a few flatish bits to give you a breather. So, select low gear, grit your teeth and up you go, through house lined roads until a sharp right brings you to open farm land, another sharp, almost hairpin, left and the steepest stretch is in front of you. Past this and the climbing eases off with a few steep sections keeping you on your toes and out of the saddle. If you have time, look to your left and you can see the big windfarm which you’ll be heading to after you’ve beaten this incline. Up front you’ll see some smaller turbines, just past these are your goal. At the top I had cold fingers, but was boiling with all my zips undone ! Once you’re up, and providing the wind is behind you, there is a fantastic open stretch of road heading towards Burnley. Anyway, I could go on and on but I’m sure you don’t want to here about every pedal stroke.  Here’s my route and all the info you could want… Deans Long route on Garmin Connect

In general the routes are all in remote areas so make sure you have spares with you, the roads are in fairly good condition, but you don’t want to get stuck out there with a puncture. Mobile phones might not work so although we will come to your aid, it might take from 30mins to an hour to get to you!

The MTB is virtually the same as last year, it’s a good fun route :-) Expect good ground conditions on all weather trails, some steep hills, perhaps a push or two and some great views. Again, remote trails so make sure you have spares.


Weather – looking at the weather forecast, it’s getting colder and the forecasters keep mentioning snow…… As far ar we are concerned the rides are going ahead, so take advantage of the free Gore clothing on offer. If, however, the weather does get really bad and we consider this to be dangerous, then we will either cancel or redesign the route – I will announce this here at the top on the morning of each day at 7am. If there is no announcement  then the ride is on.

Parking – Please do not turn left in front of the school as this is a small cul-de-sac and there is not parking available for us there. Just past the school on the left is a carpark and when this is full, please park on the road.

Remember it’s NOT a race

Just a reminder that these rides are not races in any shape or form. Please treat other road and trail users with respect and patience, always give way and be courteous. Do not ride more than two abreast on roads where it’s not safe to do so, STOP at junctions and be aware that there might be something big around that blind corner. We do not insure you for your actions on our rides – if you hit a car it’s down to you to pay for the damage!

GPX files.

Trying something new here. Below is a link to a folder with ALL the files in, so just click download on the file you need. There are three files that say “for GARMIN only” these are for GARMIN 800 units only as they have different waypoints but contain info for the units to use turn by turn giudance

Rochdale 12 GPX files  ( I know it’s spelt wrong BTW)