Times and Photos


Times are posted here and can be downloaded using the links below -

Any queries, please mail Mark on the email address on the sheets.

Callander MTB Rider Times

Callander Sportive Rider Times



I nipped out to Dukes Pass with the camera on Sunday and got some great shots. I have uploaded them to our Flickr account for you to download, they are not in any particular order so you might need to have a browse through to find yourself and friends. If you would like large file pictures (5mb) then mail me with the file number and I’ll mail them back to you ( One photo per mail, so please only ask for pictures you want!!)

Scotland 12 pictures



Here’s a video of Mark and Jon descending Dukes Pass last Thursday.






GPX Files

Due to a bit of miscomunication the link to the files are not in your pre-event mails so you can find them HERE.

Latest Update

Another sunny day in Scotland!! We’ve got the Sportive marked out today and perhaps a sun tan….. Let’s hope it all holds up for the weekend.


This will be the issue ove the weekend, not so much with the MTB ride, but more so with the Road ride on Sunday. Here’s how it’ll work. We have half the lesiure centre carpark, when this is full we have the school next door, when this is full we’ll be asking you to park in Callander itself. Please park LEGALLY as we will not be responsible for any tickets you incur :-) Please DO NOT park in the local housing estate or on the road outside the event – this is for safety reasons and the local Traffic Warden is on the look out!

Food after the event

Will be served by the sport centre cafe where you can purchase all manner of goodies after the ride.

Changing and showers

Are available after the ride ( we can’t access these before the ride though)

MTB routes

We have advertised a 25 and 30 mile route on the web so we have put these out. Our intended Long route however is nearer 39 miles and the long loop is pretty tough. So we have renamed this as the Extra Long loop and give you the option of looking at the climb before turning back and rideing 32 slightly easier miles. You can make your choice on the trail and we’ll exlian how this all works on the morning.


These rides are not races. Please follow the highway/countryside code. Give way to other road/trail users and be polite. Roadies, do not ride two abreast where it is not safe to do so and keep your speed down and bike under control into blind corners. . YOU are responsible for your actions and their concequences, if you cause and accident then you are liable for the costs



Update 29th March

The SPortive is now FULL, there will be no on-the-day entries available. This has caught us a bit off guard, last year we had 50 riders, this year 300!!

I don’t have enough space to park any more cars ( We are going to be pushed at 300) so please do not turn up if you don’t have a Pre-entry.

Many thanks, let’s hope the weather holds…….

MTB is still open.



Bookings Update 

You sneeky lot!  Bookings were trundling along and then all of the sudden, Bang!, were nearly full.

I would expect us to be closing the Sportive tonight, so get in quick.

MTB is still open for booking.