Bit of a long story but bear with me as it’s such a great story.

Just finishing off the last bit of clearing up from KotDs last weekend, I was frantically waved at by the receptionist on the front desk. “I’ve got someone on the phone who’s says he has your bike number 750″  A bit puzzled as our hire bikes only go up to 60 and as far as I knew, they were all back, I put on the headset and took the call. The man at the other end of the phone repeated that he had our King of the Downs bike number 750 and when asked how he knew it was ours, he said it was because of the white rider number on the front with our logo on it. He then went on to explain how he came upon the bike and this is where it gets fun!

Hugh was walking down the road and saw some youths pushing a rather expensive looking carbon road bike. They didn’t look as though they could afford, or would, own such a bike so Hugh assumed it was stolen. He then approached the youths and asked if they wanted to sell the bike, to which they replied yes. He then purchased the bike from them, apparently haggling them down to £150! ( It’s replacement value is about £6000) Then he called us and got through to me. I took a few details and looked up rider number 750 on the pre-entry list.

The phone call to Jon went something like this:-

“Hi Jon, it’s Dean from Evans cycles”

“Hi Dean”

” Jon, are you missing anything?”

” Well I fell  off yesterday so a bit of blood and some metal from my rear mech, but otherwise no”

” What about your bike”

” No, its at my local bike shop being repaired”

At this point I relayed my conversation with Hugh and suggested he contacted his bike shop. A while later John phone back to say that they said they still had his bike until he insisted they go and check. At which point there was a lot of swearing. Yep the youths had indeed stolen Johns bike from the bike shop.

John contacted Hugh and it’s been arranged that the bike shop will go and pick up the bike and reimburse Hugh for his troubles.  He’s a New Zealander who is over here and is using the bike to complete 4 Ironman races ( 2 down, 2 to go) and some shorter Sportives (KotDs is a short Sportive?!!!) so would have been sunk without it.

This is such a good news story, I just had to post about it. I would love to think that I’d be able to have thought that quickly and done the same in that situation, but how many of us could? Anyway I’d just like to finish buy quoting Hugh in his conversation to John.

“I’ve had my bike stolen and I know how frustrating it is” “I knew a keen cyclist somewhere would currently be besides themselves, I had to try and get the bike off them..”


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