The boys have come back from setting out the MTB course and they say the trails are like concrete. But they said this last year and it rained over night turning the trails into mush!!! So, as long as it stays dry, it’s going to be a fast day :-)

An overcast day in the saddle but at least it wasn’t hoofing it down like last year!! Sportive course is all out and the mtb will go out tomorrow, I’m not jinxing it like last year and saying it’s bone dry, but hopefully the lack of any real rain will mean some dryish trails.

The Sportive Long loop is one of my favourites to put out. There’s a bit of main road work but as this is downhill it’s all over fairly fast and then it’s past Bolton Abbey and into the wilds….. One big climb past Dibbles Bridge and a long drag brings you to the top of Bewerley Moor and it’s a long down hill in top ring back to the drinkstation. For some idea of the views have a look at the “New event” post below this one and it’ll give you an impression.

Parking – once the hard standing is full please use the field. If we fill this then we have some overflow parking around the corner.

Route lengths – Sportive. We added a new loop in to this event. But there was a road closure so we had to take out half of it!! Route lengths are therefore a bit less than advertised, Medium is about 56miles and the Long comes in at about 81miles.

GPX files are below. If you are having issues with your Garmin either follow the instructions below or try running through Bikeroutetoaster.com.

Garmin instructions

GPX files are on Trailzilla, you’ll have to register and you can download for free. If you want to upload in the future or purchase maps then you can pay, but it’s free for our purposes.

MTB short gpx

MTB Med gpx

MTB Long gpx

Sportive Short gpx

Sportive Medium gpx

Sportive Long gpx