Well that’s the Sportive marked out for the weekend! A mix of good country lanes and I didn’t see a major pothole ( On the Short route anyway ) There’s very little in the way of hills on the Short route and only a few short, sharp climbs on the other two routes so not too many challenges. There are a few sections through villages where the traffic might be a little heavier than the country lanes, but these tend to be short and you’re soon back into the countryside.

As is traditional we are having a BBQ at Woking, so there’ll be a nice burger to reward your efforts :-)

Whilst you’re eating your burger, pop and see the guys from Memory Map who’ll be there demoing their GPS units.


I’ve left entries open for the Sportive ( The MTB has fewer riders so not too concerned about Saturday ) but we are going to be tight on spaces. If you can get a lift, or come by train it’d be a great help. We’ve got a bit more parking than last year and we got you all in then, so please follow directions of the Marshall’s and park close to the car next to you :-)

Getting caught short….

Not sure why I need to have to say this, but following an E-mail after the last event, it appears I do. If you need to go to the loo on the route, please find a tree or hedge to go behind. Please do not urinate in peoples gardens!!!!!! It’s not a race and you wouldn’t walk down the street in a suit and pop into a garden for a wee, so why do it in Lycra and give cyclists a bad name?

The MTB is being marked out tomorrow but there’s nothing to worry about. It’s a great route around the local trails and the major obstacle is Sunningdale Golf Course, which you cross! Please be courteous to the golfers as there is going to be about 500 of you passing through their fairways, stop if you’re asked to and let them play through – Remember – it’s NOT a race.

GPX files.

I think we are getting to the bottom of the Garmin 800/500 issues, here’s some advive from Memory Map:-

“You need to just drop the GPX into the /New Files folder on the Edge 800 then when you disconnect and re-power the Edge it automatically converts them into Garmins new FIT format and they appear in the Courses menu.

………. I suspect that if you have Auot Routing enabled on the Edge that might cause issues…it did on 705s. So best to disable this and just follow the track line on screen.”


So here’s the GPX files. they are hosted at Trailzilla and you’ll need to register to down load them. Don’t worry about any limits as these only apply if you want to upload routes, not download:-

MTB short

MTB Medium

MTB Long

Sportive Short

Sportive Medium

Sportive Long

Any problems – try running the file through Bikeroutetoaster.com