In the following piece we look at why female riders might what to buy a women’s road bike, at what makes a great female-specific bike and discuss the growing range of high-spec models.   by Fiona Outdoors   A bike made to fit a woman is a great idea, isn’t it? After all, compared to men, the average […]

We recently had chance to chat with Steven Fairchild, global product manager with Fuji Bikes, about the brand’s recent successes and what it’s got planned in the near future. But with our recent focus on cycling heritage, it’s also worth looking at Fuji’s history because, despite being a relatively young brand in the UK market, Fuji […]

Can’t keep an eye on social media all the time but want to be kept updated on the latest new product and service additions to our stores, warehouse and website every week? No problem! Once a week we highlight the best of ‘What’s New’ in our round-up. Our most exciting additions from last week include the Oltre XR1 Veloce 2015 road bike from […]

British cycling heritage is something to celebrate, with many of our home-grown brands not just helping to mould life here at home but also often having an influence across the world. We’ve picked four of the most historic British bike makers — with one tradition-infused modern upstart — and even chosen a model from each […]

There isn’t usually an easy answer to what makes a bike ‘right’ for somebody. As an athlete, I have been in the fortunate position of having had plenty of bikes being made exactly ‘right’ for me, in terms of geometry, technology, feel and fit. But the gain of a fraction of a second certainly isn’t […]

BMC Switzerland might not be the biggest bike firm in the world but it has something other cycle companies can only dream of: a cutting-edge research and development facility, run by some of the foremost experts in their field. We caught up with BMC’s Thomas McDaniel to find out what goes on behind the walls […]

With a highly experienced and trend-savvy buying team, here at Evans Cycles, we understand which products are ‘must-have’ additions to our range - and to your riding experience. We are always on the lookout for new brands to work with and further products are added every week. While, unfortunately, we cannot highlight them all, from now on, we are going to bring you a weekly round-up of all […]

Recently I have been pondering a lot on the ethics of the cycling industry. Us two-wheeled, self-propelled riders regularly get slapped on the back for our pollution-saving ways and we can and should be proud of what we contribute, but when you add it all up, can cycling still claim to be eco-friendly all around?   […]

What is it about the combination of cycling and Italy that seems to create such emotion? Whether it’s cycling events such as the Giro d’Italia or L’Eroica, or legendary riders such as Fausto Coppi right up to today’s hero Vincenzo Nibali, a little bit of Italian influence can turn anything pedal-powered into something magical. Cycle […]

With the news of UCI finally introducing disc brakes for road racing from 2017, the time feels right to be joining the debate and to share my personal experience based on 10,000 km on Shimano’s platform and almost ten months of day to day use.   Many manufacturers (and hence our customers) have long been using cable-operated disc brakes on their road or […]