Training with power allows you to monitor your performance in absolute terms. Monitoring your speed isn’t always reliable, because weather conditions will have an effect. Heart rate is a popular measurement tool, as well – but temperature, training load and other factors are also involved so it’s hard to measure absolute improvement. Though many (most) […]

Here we are at blog number 3 of my investigation into the world of power training using the CycleOps PowerTap. I’ve been busy trying to use the data to work on my weaknesses (as well as doing a bit to keep my strengths strong). We’ve already established that, either through nature or nurture, I’m currently […]

I’ve been using the CycleOps Powertap wheels for about 2 weeks now – it’s shot by and I’ve been busily downloading the data from every ride and busily analysing it at every opportunity. Very sad, I know. Arguably the most important number for training with power is your ‘Functional Threshold Power’ (FTP). This is roughly the absolute maximum […]

When the nice guys at CycleOps offered to lend me a set of powertap wheels, I was seriously excited. Ask anyone who sits anywhere near me at Evans HQ – I think I was dancing around our office for several days. Why do I want to train with power? I took up cycling in 2010 […]