There will by cyclists – both men and women – who will have their (Lycra) feathers seriously ruffled by the idea of a women-only sportive. Yet we have seen a number of such events cropping up in recent years and they are proving more and more popular. We find out why..   by Fiona Outdoors […]

Having already spoken about womens-specific bib shorts and, in more detail, about those with ‘easy access’ for comfort breaks in previous blog pieces, looking at the right saddle choice for female cyclists makes the third part to our advice series on how to achieve uncompromised comfort – down below - for longer rides.   by Fiona Outdoors   There was a time when I […]

  By Fiona Outdoors   Billie Fleming Ride still going strong after five months   A year-long relay ride that pays tribute to the legendary late cyclist Billie Fleming is now at its half-way mark. Since January 1, 2015, hundreds of women have ridden every day to keep the Billie Fleming Tribute Ride on track. The […]

If you have read our article about choosing female cycle shorts then you may well have been intrigued by the bib shorts that offer easier access for bathroom stops.   by Fiona Outdoors   It’s one of those frustrating things about cycling in bib shorts for women. While bib shorts are super-comfy, they do cause […]

For women, borrowing your boyfriend’s jumper and, more relevantly, mixing up your cycling kit with the odd piece from the mens section, is great fun and opens up many more choices, which, arguably, are often still limited for female cyclists. When it comes to bib shorts, however, many women would have found out the hard way, that opting for […]